Name: Cricket

Age: Twenties

Bush size: big, hairy and dark

Location: between my hot thighs

Turn ons: I'll do anything I'm told daddy

Turn offs: I don't have any yet

Favorite position: on my begging knees

Favorite Kinks: Daddy's hot little well developed nasty whore

About me: Hey daddy, I'm here playing with my pussy dreaming about you and wishing it was your big pee pee inside me. I live for your cum, just like you trained me too. I still can take on all your friends for you, I'm your devoted slave slut. I can't wait to serve you, and If you whip me I'll try harder. I don't shave my huge hairy cunt just like you like it. It's ready for your big daddy dick anytime you say.

I miss your cum all over me, call soon please....

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