Name: Mommy Gayle

Age: 47

Bush size: Just right, trimmed a little.

Location: Out west

Turn ons: Mommy -son incest. Taboo

Turn offs: Mean pricks with attitude, mommy spank!

Favorite position: With you cradled up to my big nipples.

Favorite Kinks: I just get off like a rocket when I can be your nasty mommy with my soft bush for your pillow.

About me: I like both bad boys and good. Just as long as you want a mature warm and fuzzy bush to be your play ground. I can seduce you and your little friends or just spoil you rotten. Better do as mommy says or, I'LL TAKE YOUR PANTS DOWN AND LAY YOU ACROSS MY BARE LAP. SPANK, SPANK, BAD BOY. Hurry home baby, mommy has cookies and milk.

Ready for a day with mommy? Call me anytime, I'm here for you.

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