Name: Katie

Age: Barely old enough ;)

Bush size: A lot of curlies, spreading long and wide.

Location: Anywhere your fantasy needs me ;)

Turn ons: Hot passion for me

Turn offs: Rude mean assholes

Favorite position: Bend me, shape me Daddy! My favorite position is where ever your cock is deep inside me ;)

Favorite Kinks: Being Daddy's little princess or whore, age play, gang bang, I am really open to ALL kinks. If I don't know your fetish teach me, I love to learn!

About me: I love my bush, for a young girl I'm very hairy. I've never shaved nor do I plan on it. My voice will make you think I'm younger than I really am and Daddy I'll go anywhere you want me too.

Who shall I be tonight Daddy?

Love, Katie Xo

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